Tips For Preventing Rot In Lucky Bamboo Plant

Tips For Preventing Rot In Lucky Bamboo Plant

How To Keep A Lucky Bamboo From Rotting

Lucky Bamboo Plant is one of the most preferred plants for indoor gardening. Despite having the word bamboo in its name, Lucky Bamboo is not from the bamboo family. Lucky Bamboo is a type of Dracaena.

People are growing lucky bamboo indoors in their offices, restaurants, living rooms, and places where there are low lights. Lucky Bamboo is famous for growing without any trouble in the low light area where there is indirect light. grows best in low, indirect light. or low light parts of their homes but lucky bamboo does need some light.

Lucky Bamboo needs proper care and attention. One of the most common issues with the Lucky bamboo plant is that it gets rotten easily if we missed taking care of it. Lucky Bamboo is often taken as a symbol of fortune and Rotting lucky bamboo plants is considered as a sign of ill fortune.

Today, we will teach you to keep a lucky bamboo from rotting. In this post, you will find the answers to the following questions:

  • How To Keep A Lucky Bamboo From Rotting
  • How To Prevent Rotting In Lucky Bamboo Plant When It Is Grown In Water
  • Reason For The Rotting In Lucky Bamboo Plant.

Tips For Preventing Rot In Lucky Bamboo Plant

Reason For Rotting Lucky Bamboo Plants

You might see the lucky bamboo being kept on clear vases filled with water and rocks. One of the easiest and the best ways to prevent rot in the lucky bamboo plants is to keep enough but required water. If you are growing lucky bamboo plants in water then the lucky bamboo plant’s stems and all of the leaves should be above the lip and out of the water and the roots should be below the lip of the glass vessel or the container and in water.
If you ignore this fact and fill up your glass tank then the lucky bamboo is likely to rot. One of the symbolic changes that you will see is it turning into a yellow color.
Another reason for rotting lucky bamboo plants is if the roots outgrow the glass then the roots are likely to rot. In this situation, you will see it turning gray or black. You need to cut the overgrown roots to prevent them from rotting.

If you are growing your bamboo plant in water then you should keep changing the water regularly at least every three weeks.  Avoid using tap water in your bamboo plant.

If you see any sign of rotting then you need to trim that part carefully to avoid any further damage. You shall cut the overgrown roots and use them to grow into another Lucky bamboo plant by putting them into another container instead of throwing it.

Lucky Bamboo Plant is an indoor plant and it doesn’t mean that it can survive without lights. It does need proper light but a small amount of light can be enough for healthy lucky bamboo plants. Place it in that place where there are lights but not direct sun.

There is not any big formula to avoid rot in Lucky Bamboo Plant as it just needs proper care at the proper time along with the proper water and the lights.

Watch out your Lucky Bamboo Plant and bring luck in your home or in your workspace.

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