Choosing The Best Pruning Shears For Your Garden [2023]

Choosing The Best Pruning Shears For Your Garden [2023]

Choosing The Best Pruning Shears For Your Garden

Pruning shears are the most useful tool to pack in your gardening kit. whether a hobbyist or professional gardening obsessed once you get your hand in the best hand pruners for your gardening chores you are never getting off your hands from it. Whether you’re deadheading, snipping the branches or cutting the bushes, or reshaping your oldest bonsai a magical pair of gardening scissors that ensures a smooth, precise cut and is comfortable to use is a definite no wonder pruning shears are a hand-held tool and can easily cut branches and twigs up to ¾ inches of thickness. they are so handy and do multiply your effort.

Choosing The Best Pruning Shears For Your Garden

You will be dazzled with multiple arrays of choices while visiting a store to get yourself pruning shares. It is always a dilemma to be in. to choose the right shares for your let’s get introduced to common types of gardening shares available. Shall we?

Types Of Pruning Shears:

There are basically three most recognized pairs of pruning shears

1. Bypass Pruner:

Bypass pruners are the most recommended pair of pruners by some expert gardeners. These punters have two curved blades that bypass each other identical to blades on regular scissors. One of the blades in the shears is sharp whereas the other is dull.

These shears are excellent for printing small shrubs, small branches of trees, and roses. However, cutting large branches can dull the blades which can make it inefficient for other works. Basically, it is best for cutting branches that are less than a quarter inch in diameter.

These tools are available in various sizes so make sure that the pruner you choose fits your hands just right and it doesn’t feel comfortable while holding and using it. As said earlier they are best for pruning, trimming, and cutting flexible steam, and soft green woods.

2. Anvil:

Anvil pruner comes at the bottom of the list when choosing pruner because they are not as versatile as other shears. The way it is built makes it unsuitable for cutting green plant material as it can crush the steam instead of giving a clear cut that can actually cut your young entire plant. This pruner has a curved blade that encloses against the flared edge on the other side that is built out of metal.

Anvil shears are heavy and bulkier in shape and size so it is not as flexible and comfortable to use as other shears. For this reason, the anvil shears are best used for cutting dead wood and pruning woody stems and branches. Identical to bypass pruners, they can not be used to cut anything larger than a half inch in diameter. However, there are anvil pruners that are designed to cut large loopers that are so bigger in size that you will need to hold your both hands for cutting the larger branches.

3. Ratchets:

Ratchet pruners are another perfect gardening friend that provides better leverage so that your hands won’t get tired while doing the gardening chores. These shears make clear and perfect cuts with little effort. specially designed to cut anything small blooms to ¾ inches branches. They are best for small hands that cannot put a lot of energy into the weaker hands. Mostly preferable for older aged gardeners. Also if your garden needs repetitive pruning tasks once in a while ratchet pruners are the best candidate.

4. Straight Blade Pruners:

Straight-blade shears are excellent candidates for cutting flowers for the vase and trimming unwanted leaves from the plant. They don’t make clear cuts like bypass spears but the way the sharp blades of these can get into tight spaces for easy bud trimming. They have no very bulky cutting point so they can reach its head to the places bypass can hardly reach.

Hence as mentioned, they are best for deadheading, pruning, fine shaping work, and flower cutting as a whole.

What to look for while choosing pruning shears?

There are certain factors to be considered while choosing the best pruners for the gardening job. the things to keep in consideration might include size, shape, price, ergonomics, and the entire building foundation of the pruner. If you are left-handed, you can also ask the market owner to order you a special pair of shears.

The shape of the handles and the sharpness of the blade can be the most important factor to keep in mind. A comfortable handle that fits right in your hand and feels comfortable is quite important. The quality of the pruner is another important thing to keep in mind. You wouldn’t want to invest in things that break down after only a few uses. Go for the durable pruner even if it is about expensive to pay. This way you won’t have to spend on gardening tools over and over again. Avoid buying low-quality pruners just because they got comparatively low. They are prone to warping and breaking because of the low quality of the material used in their making. Choosing a sharp blade quality that becomes dull in a short time of use is not a wise decision. If You try to cut with a dull-edge pruner you will end up damaging the entire plant. A blade must be sharp enough to make a clear and smooth cut.

Ergonomics is another factor to take into consideration. Ergonomics simply means the design that helps to minimize the chance of injuries caused by continuous stress for a long time. Make sure the shears include curved handles, and cushioned handles that fit the hand perfectly. Choose a pruner that rotates enough to alleviate the pressure and a design that allows pruning without bending your hands. You surely know by now that gardening can be a tiring job, especially when doing it for a long time so make sure that you buy a pair of scissors that makes your work exert less.

Another basic thing to keep in mind while shopping for a hand pruner is looking for carbon steel because such shears make the pruner hardwearing, weatherproof, and corrosion-resistant. Entirely making a point, do choose a hand pruner that feels right for your hand and your cheerful gardening hobby. Also, the one that lasts for a long time and is easy to use and maintain.

Happy gardening!

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