Purple Passion Plant Care Tips: How To Grow Purple Passion Houseplants

Purple Passion Plant Care Tips : How To Grow Purple Passion Houseplants

Take care of the Purple passion plant with growing tips.
You might have heard about the purple passion plant. Purple passion plant is also known as Gynura or velvet plant. Purple passion is one of the popular houseplants that you can use in your outdoor or indoor garden. Like its name, the purple passion plant has purple leaves from thick hairs. One of the best ways to grow purple passion houseplant in-home or indoor is by putting it into the hanging basket or the pot.

Purple Passion Plant Care Tips: How To Grow Purple Passion Houseplants

Before growing or planting the purple passion houseplants, you should check the drainage feature in your pot or the place where you are going to grow purple passion houseplants. Plant the purple passion plant in an area that offers good drainage otherwise, there is a high chance of rotting.

The suitable temperature to grow a purple passion plant is 60 degrees F to 70 degrees F. Don’t allow direct sunlight to reach the leaves of the purple passion plant as Purple passion plants prefer a cool location. Place the purple passion plant in a bright to moderate light area.

If you want to fertilize then Fertilize the purple passion plant every two weeks during spring and monthly during winter. You should take care of the cluster of leaves or branches as it can trap moisture and your purple passion houseplant will begin to rot.

One of the disadvantages of growing a Purple passion plant is the smell of its flower as its odor is unpleasant. Purple passion houseplants may produce orange flowers. If you want to avoid the smell then you should cut the buds before it gets turned into the flower.

Facts About Purple Passion Plant:

Scientific Name: Gynura aurantiaca

Native: Purple Passion Plant is native of the Southeastern U.S., including southern Missouri.

Summary: This sums up our post on taking care of the Purple passion plant. Let us know if you have purple passion houseplants in your garden and also share your tips to take care of purple passion plants.

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