How Toxic Is Dumb Cane ? Dumb Cane Poisonous Effects

How Toxic Is Dumb Cane ? Dumb Cane Poisonous Effects

Dumb Cane is one of the most popular indoor plants. Despite being popular and widely used, Dumb cane contains oxalates that can cause swelling, drooling, and loss of speech if swallowed. Dumb Cane or Dieffenbachia is one of the most common indoor plants. Along with this, there are many other commonly grown plants that are toxic. Handling the plant may cause skin irritation.

How Toxic Is Dumb Cane? Dumb Cane Poisonous Effects

There are different type of dumb cane available in the planet.

Different Types Of Dumb Cane Plants

  1. Dieffenbachia Triumph is categorized under the plant’s family Araceae. It has lime green leaves and is a species of genus dieffenbachia. It is native to Mexico.
  2. Dieffenbachia Sarah is easy to care for, hardy, and drought tolerant. It has dark green leaves splotched with creamy yellow displays striking.
  3. Dieffenbachia Camille has ivory-yellow leaves edged in rich, dark green.
  4. Dieffenbachia Camouflage has appealing light green leaves with creamy veins.
  5. Dieffenbachia macula has upright green-edged leaves with cream color blotches.
  6. Dieffenbachia Seguine has a cane-like stem and white-cream large dark green leaves with white flowers (When it is grown).
  7. Dieffenbachia Carina has medium-sized green leaves splashed with contrasting light shades of green.
  8. Dieffenbachia Compacta has light pale green leaves, dotted strongly with cream-yellow shade in the center.
  9. Dieffenbachia Delilah has big pointy creamy white leaves with usually green edges.
  10. Dieffenbachia Honeydew has contrasting green borders with golden yellow leaves.
  11. Dieffenbachia Mary has pale green leaves, spotted with dark and creamy green.
  12. Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow is tall with silver, yellow, or white-spotted leaves.
  13. Dieffenbachia Sparkle has light green leaves blotched with dark green and white patches
  14. Dieffenbachia Star has golden-green leaves with dark green spots.
  15. Dieffenbachia macula has upright green-edged leaves with cream color blotches with exotic looks.
  16. Dieffenbachia Tropic Marianne has cream leaves, bordered with deep green color.
  17. Dieffenbachia ‘Puerto Rico Variegated has lance-like light green hue leaves with dark green edges and beautiful variegation in yellow tinge.

Dumb Cane Poisonous Effects

If chewed, You will have copious salivation with an intense burning sensation and also you will experience swelling of the lips, mouth, tongue, and throat. Eventually, you will feel difficulty in breathing and swallowing. This effect can continue for several days.

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