Goldfish Plant Care: How To Grow Goldfish Hanging Plant

Goldfish Plant Care: How To Grow Goldfish Hanging Plant

How To Grow Goldfish Plant
The goldfish plant is native to Central and South America. Goldfish plants prefer bright light but avoid direct light. A light, fast-draining potting soil is perfect for the ideal growth of the goldfish plants. The goldfish plant is one of the most beautiful plants that can be grown inside or outside. There are now at least 25 different varieties of goldfish plants. Goldfish plants belong to the genus Columnea. Columnea are epiphytes, a type of plant that grows upon other plants but they are not parasites.

Goldfish Plant Care: How To Grow Goldfish Hanging Plant

The ideal temperature for the proper growth of Goldfish houseplants is 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The goldfish plant is somewhat sensitive to high temperatures Humidity is another crucial factor in how to grow goldfish houseplants. In dry environments, a humidifier near the plant is helpful. During the summer, keep the soil continuously moist. Meanwhile, In the winter, let the soil be dry but be aware that the soil should never be completely dry.  To grow it properly, you can put any stick or the rope that can go on hanging as It is a type of plant that grows upon other plants. When it is mature, stems will grow up to 2-3 inches and branches go up to 3 ft long. Goldfish hanging plant’s bloom time period is during spring, fall, winter, and summer.

If you want to propagate, choose stems that are two to three inches long tips and that don’t have flower buds.

One of the best ways to grow it at home is in hanging baskets. 

Facts About Goldfish Plant

Common Name Goldfish plant
Botanical Name Nematanthus gregarious
Flower Color Red, orange, yellow
Plant Type Perennial
Hardiness Zones 10 to 11 (USDA)
Light Bright light but not direct light
Soil Type Well-drained
Soil pH Acidic
Bloom Time Spring, summer, fall, winter

Well, this much for now. Let us know if you have a goldfish plant in your garden. Share your experience of growing goldfish plants in the comment box below.

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