13 Best Gift Ideas For Your Gardener Friends

13 Best Gift Ideas For Your Gardener Friends

13 Best Gift Ideas For Your Gardener Friends

Do you have a plant lover friend? Are you planning to make their day special but don’t know how to?  Here, we have got you covered.

You might have multiple choices of gifts to make them happy. But for a plant person, nothing can sparkle their eyes and touch their heart more than receiving a gardening tool or supplies. Because you know they are always looking for new ways to improve their garden. And this type of gift will perfectly fit what they need and want.

No matter what occasion- birthday, graduation, homecoming, or anniversary- I’m here to guide you with, what should go under those glittery gift wrapping that will excite your gardener friend, colleague, or family.

Let’s begin with the list of the best garden supply that you can gift to any plant lover in your life.

13 Best Gift Ideas For Your Gardener Friends


1. Garden took kit

Gardening tools mean as much to the gardener as a painting brush means to a painter. If you gift the right set of handy tools it will help them instill, pruning, weeding, and other activities that are required to keep a garden healthy. And the health of a garden means, happiness to every gardener. Consider some thoughtful garden supplies or gardening tool kits. That may include a fork, hand trowel, pruner, scissor, spade, and many more.

2. Soil test kit

Every plant parent seeks for preparing and maintaining ideal soil for their plants. Therefore, gifting a soil test kit is a great way to gift someone you really care about. This will help them to make study the nutritional value and ph value of the soil so that further amendments to the soil can be made accordingly.

3. Compost bin

It will be thoughtful for you to surprise a plant parent with a compost bin for it is the greatest way for a gardener to reduce garden waste and turn it into nutrient-rich compost soil for their plant if done properly. With this, you are going to reduce their future expenses of buying chemical fertilizers, and also in the best way, it may refer that you are supporting the person to grow organic and healthy.

This will definitely reflect your love and care toward the person. However before gifting, consider making research if your gardener really has time, energy, and interest in composting. If not skip this idea. Or else you will make it more like a burden than a gift.

4. Watering spray or  watering can

Trust me, every gardener loves watering their plant babies. It will be really thoughtful of you to gift someone the right set of a watering can or watering can for making gardening more fun for them. Look for one with a large capacity of holding water. Also, a comfortable handle for easy pouring is a must.

5. Garden hoes

Watering hoes make a great gift for gardeners. As said earlier, every gardener loves hydrating their plants. It works best for the gardener if he/she owns a large garden farm, yard, or lawn to take care of. For instance, garden hoes are the only option if your gardener friend is into outdoor gardening. If they are into indoor gardening garden gifting a garden hose will only be a waste. Gift water spray or a comfortable can instead.

Look for durable hoes that have a spray nozzle for flexibility.

6. Plant seeds or bulbs

Gifting Seeds of vegetables, fruits, and herbs can make it feel personal and loved. Including flowers and bulbs can make your gardener friends’ gardens beautiful along with the bond and attachment you have.

7. Plant propagation kit

Propagation is an exciting part of gardening. Once a person is into gardening they will instantly develop a deep interest in propagating and making new plants. That’s why there’s no second thought on the fact that the propagation kit makes an excellent candidate as a gift for any gardener. This kit includes all the supplies required for perfect propagation that includes a snipper for making a clear cut in plants, rooting hormones, and propagation trays. Some standard propagation kid also includes supplies like a heat mat, humidity dome, and grow lights.

8. Plant food

I think plant food is something that every gardener deserves as a gift. It’s a potion of plant booster that will instantly boost your gardener friends’ mood just as much. The best plant food is the one that includes an N-P-K ratio of 4-3-4. This ratio specialty energizes indoor plants.  Furthermore, various types of organic plant foods are available in the garden store. Neem oil can be part of your customized plant food kit. Someone will definitely be thankful for this gift.

9. Garden knees

A gardening knee is a comfortable pair of cushion pads that are used to protect the knees while working in a big yard. If the gardener you know is someone who spends a large amount of time gardening on their knees it will be considered the best gift ever. Along with protecting the knees, it will provide a stable surface for sitting while doing garden chores.

10. Garden gloves

A fine pair of garden gloves is the must-have garden supply every gardener should have. You would want to gift your plant person a good pair of gloves so that their delicate hands can be protected from dirt, thorns, and sharp wood edges. Also if you are looking for a budget-friendly gift for your gardener friend, gloves can be the best option. There are plenty of adorable options, with floral patterns but along with that choose the one that is fine in quality, function, comfort, and breathability.

11. Grow bags

Grow bags are companions of every gardener. It is made up of breathable and porous fabrics that wick away excess water. It is defiantly best for growing healthy roots. If your gardener friend is into growing vegetables and fruits grow bags are the perfect supply they could accept as a gift.

12. Macrame plant hanger

Macrame plant hanger is another eco-friendly product you can gift your plant lover friend.

This one is best for indoor gardeners adding a boho ambiance decore to the indoor. Macrame hangers are great to add more plants to the interior in a limited space. Trust me they look super cute when holding trailing indoor plants falling like a grace of nature.

Your gardener friend will adore it.

13. Plant pots.

A gardener can never have enough pots. While there are thousands of super adorable plant pots available in garden stores they want to have their hands on them. They will be extremely excited about having a super cute planter as a gift for their garden. You can either choose a ceramic succulent pot or terracotta. However, I do not really prefer plastic pots to be presented as a gift for a loved one. Gifts better be sustainable and eco-friendly. Cause, a gardener always look forward to it.

In today’s world of fast-paced, it would be a thoughtful gesture for gifting someone such personalized and customized gifts. It’s really appreciable for you to take your time and think of making a wise choice for gifting a gardener.

So,  Gift them this holiday season and watch as your loved one’s garden flourishes!


Happy gardening!!


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